EMPSi has provided public outreach and facilitated controversial, fast-tracked, nationwide projects, as well as programs tailored to rural, tribal, and minority communities

EMPSi recognizes that projects are most successful when they result in mutually beneficial outcomes for our clients, regulators, stakeholders, and the public. With that in mind, we plan and implement public engagement programs tailored to meet the needs of each project and its unique environment. Our outreach considers language needs, local or tribal customs, and other considerations, while maximizing the effectiveness of these communications and our broad engagement techniques.

Select Projects

blm/bia socioeconomic workshops, ok/ks/tx

  • Facilitated five workshops to discern social and economic concerns of importance to local tribes and communities

  • Solicited information on communities’ visions for the future role of federal lands and minerals


BLM/BIA Navajo nation oil AND gas eis scoping, nm

  • Facilitated 10 highly dynamic oil and gas scoping meetings across the Navajo Nation in NM

  • Developed Navajo and English materials, posters, handouts, and presentations to reach affected tribal members and communities


federal coal program scoping, nationwide

  • Organized and facilitated high-level scoping meetings across the US that were attended by thousands of industry, public, government, tribal, and agency officials

  • Synthesized over 200,000 comments into a report in 4 months


BOR Truckee Canal O&M EIS Public Outreach, NV

  • Implemented an extensive outreach program with BOR, BIA, USFWS, Army Corps, tribes, and counties

  • Facilitated workshops that identified stakeholder objectives, including safety, capacity, conveyance, and other benefits


Pike and San Isabel NATIONAL FORESTS Travel Management EIS, CO

  • Obtained public input on motor vehicle use across 2 million acres

  • Utilized USFS GIS data to create potential alternatives, presentation materials, maps, and website for public meetings and involvement


BLM Coastal Plain Leasing EIS Scoping, AK

  • Facilitated meetings in Alaskan communities and Washington, DC

  • Worked with tribes on venues, travel, and interpreters

  • Live-streamed oral comments, analyzed over 760,000 public comments, and prepared scoping report in two weeks