EMPSi is a leader in water resources and is working on some of the West's most significant water-related projects 

There may be no greater issue facing our society than ensuring that all people have access to clean, safe, and reliable drinking water. Water is critical for our basic survival and so are dependable sources of irrigation, along with infrastructure to ensure our communities are safe from flooding and other natural disasters. At the core of this are water rights, allocations, and agreements that must also be upheld for the betterment of all—municipalities, tribes, farmers, ranchers, industry, citizens, and wildlife. We work to ensure that these issues are addressed in environmentally responsible ways that reflect the best science and provide for our collective well being.


Rio Grande Operating Agreement EIS, NM

  • Agreement involves interstate and international water rights 
  • Projected environmental impacts based on multiple climate change scenarios
  • Incorporated agricultural and socioeconomic forecasts

Truckee Canal Public Safety Maintenance EIS, NV

  • Addresses aging canal infrastructure
  • Improves structural integrity and safety of the Truckee Canal
  • Solves issues such as internal erosion and seepage, overtopping from ice jams, floods, and seismic activity

Little Thompson river Flood Rehabilitation Project, co

  • Reestablished and improved floodplain, riparian vegetation, and fish passage on the Little Thompson River after a massive flood
  • Informed restoration plans and obtained necessary permits for restoration-related impacts