Whether it's a large-scale water-delivery project, pipeline, road network, or an international wind farm, EMPSi knows how to fast-track projects and maximize value for our clients

For decades our infrastructure—much of it created in the post World War II-era—has been degrading. Other parts of our daily lives such as nationwide fiber-optic networks, large solar and wind farms, and comprehensive cellular technology weren't even conceivable a few decades ago. Now these systems are some of the most critical elements of our economy. Balancing investment for all infrastructure is essential for government and private industry, but project costs are rising, budgets are decreasing, and timelines are of ever increasing importance. EMPSi's strategic planners understand how to negotiate these market constraints to develop flexible solutions for project success.


Transportation and travel management eis, co

  • Includes thousands of roads and trails across 2 million acres in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado
  • Detailed GIS analyses of transportation data
  • Complex and controversial project with extensive public involvement

Pojoaque regional water system, nm

  • Initial $92 million design and construction contract will create 90 new jobs over 4 years
  • Requires almost 200 miles of water transmission and distribution pipeline
  • Provides safe drinking water supply to four Pueblos and Santa Fe County

programmatic ea for us coast guard modernization, NATIONWIDE

  • Nationwide public scoping and review completed in under 6 months
  • Worked with Coast Guard legal and environmental staff to facilitate modernization across all the Coast Guard's facilities and operations