EMPSi leads the way in environmental compliance for Reclamation’s water settlements, infrastructure, and restoration projects

EMPSi provides compliance, permitting, natural resources, and public engagement support to Reclamation on some of its most complex and high-profile water projects in the West. We provide a full range of services for a variety of projects, including Indian water rights settlements, water infrastructure planning, river restoration, and conservation of threatened and endangered species. Our staff has experience in each of the Reclamation regions and in all of the major river basins in the West. Accessing EMPSi is easy through our GSA, Department of the Interior, and Reclamation contract mechanisms. Below is a brief selection of our project experience.



Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System EIS and Studies, NM

  • Analyzed the construction of a $250-million infrastructure project to deliver water to 4 pueblos and other residents of Santa Fe County

  • Won the Environmental Excellence NEPA Planning Award from the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP)


Truckee Canal Extraordinary Operation and Maintenance EIS, NV

  • Performed environmental compliance for repairs of a major breach on the Truckee Canal

  • Conducted biological surveys and analyzed impacts on two ESA-listed fish species

  • Collaborated with diverse stakeholders, including tribes, utilities, irrigators, and local governments


Technical Peer Review BOARD for Injection Well and Evaporation Ponds, CO/UT

  • Facilitated expert panel meetings to review alternate methods of brine disposal in the Dolores River basin

  • Coordinated technical reports to evaluate feasibility of the proposed engineering options

  • Addressed requirements of the Colorado River Salinity Control Project


Platte River Recovery Implementation Program EA and BA, CO/NE/WY

  • Prepared EA to for basin-wide habitat restoration actions to conserve avian and aquatic species under the Endangered Species Act

  • Coordinated closely with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in preparing a comprehensive multi-species biological assessment (BA)


Operating Agreement for the Rio Grande EIS, NM/TX 

  • Analyzed continued implementation of the 2008 Operating Agreement addressing interstate deliveries of Rio Grande water in New Mexico and Texas

  • Evaluated effects of renewing San Juan-Chama Project storage contracts on special status species


Derby Dam Fish Screen Project EA and Permits, NV

  • Analyzed a $23.3 million infrastructure project to allow passage for Lahontan cutthroat trout around the Derby Dam to access historic spawning habitat in the upper Truckee River

  • Obtained US Army Corps of Engineers and NV Department of Environmental Protection permits


Colorado River Salinity Control Project Stakeholder Facilitation/Assessment, AZ

  • Prepared a Conflict Assessment on salinity and flow requirements for Colorado River water delivery to Mexico

  • Coordinated the participation of over 50 agencies and organizations at project meetings

  • Assessed viability for the Yuma Desalting Plant


Carlsbad Water Operations/Supply EIS, NM

  • Assessed proposed operations to meet water delivery obligations while conserving habitat for the Pecos bluntnose shiner

  • Coordinated interdisciplinary teams and technical working groups to complete NEPA and develop a BA and cultural resources report for follow-on water exchanges and habitat improvement projects


Paradox Valley Unit EIS and Visual Survey, CO

  • Analyzed alternatives for brine removal and disposal on a tributary to the Colorado River

  • Addressed hazards from sodium processing and storage

  • Conducted visual resource inventory, simulations, and analysis


New Mexico Unit of the Central Arizona Project EIS and Studies, NM

  • Evaluated a complex water diversion, storage, and delivery system for the Gila and San Francisco Rivers

  • Worked closely with the Interstate Stream Commission and Reclamation to develop alternatives

  • Conducted surface water, groundwater, water quality, and geomorphology and habitat modeling


EA for the Pecos River Channel Restoration at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, NM

  • Assessed two projects in the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge to improve habitat

  • Addressed specific proposals and updated programmatic work for the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the World Wildlife Fund


Kachess Drought Relief Pumping Plant Tier 2 EIS, WA

  • Overseeing preparation of an EIS with Reclamation and Washington State Department of Ecology

  • Analyzing options to withdraw water from Kachess Reservoir and transfer to the Yakima River to improve regional water resources management during droughts declared by Washington State


Taos Pueblo Water Rights Settlement Environmental Compliance, NM

  • Analyzing the effects of implementing the Taos Pueblo Indian Water Rights Settlement Agreement, which resolves water rights in the Taos region

  • The Settlement Agreement calls for completing separate groundwater wells to meet water needs while preventing depletion of Rio Grande tributaries