EMPSi provides a full suite of project management and streamlining services for our commercial and government clients

We are experts in providing detailed, client-focused project management, employing some of the most technically knowledgeable and nimble teams in the private sector. But projects don't succeed in a vacuum. Instead, it takes purposeful collaboration and communication with all of our clients, and the regulating agencies, so that issues are managed, schedules are met, budgets stay on track, and final decisions can be made with confidence and legal assurance. 

Select Projects

Cibola National forest eis & land use plan revisions, nm

  • Managing an EIS and revisions for a 30-year-old land use plan covering 1.6 million acres

  • Providing leadership and management for a Forest Service team to ensure timely completion of planning documents and reviews


GRSG Decision & Administrative Records, Western US

  • Processed over 200,000 files, including sensitive content

  • Created detailed, user-friendly administrative records for 20 national and regional offices

  • Incorporated Google Drive apps to enable real-time review


Renewable Energy Regulatory streamlining, nationwide

  • United private industry and federal regulators to reduce red tape, project costs, timelines, and investor risk

  • Conducted broad outreach to establish long-term stakeholder support and guidance


Streamlining NEPA and Planning, Nationwide

  • Facilitated BLM’s national efforts to streamline planning and NEPA, including meeting Secretarial Order 3355 requirements for expedited schedules and shorter documents

  • Worked with the USFS to develop guidance on issue-driven NEPA


National Forests and Grasslands Oil and Gas EIS, TX

  • Managing the EIS analyzing oil and gas leasing availability on 6 National Forests and Grasslands in Texas

  • Coordinating USFS involvement from the national office to the forest level

  • Providing a blueprint for streamlined USFS oil and gas leasing


NM Unit of the Central Arizona Project EIS, NM

  • Managing an EIS and supporting studies for proposed developments of diversion, conveyance, and storage systems on the Gila River

  • Joint lead project with Bureau of Reclamation and New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission involving water rights