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EMPSi has completed projects all over the US. Our breadth and scope of work means we understand the diverse regulatory and planning issues faced by our clients. We work in Energy, Water, Land Use Planning, and Infrastructure, providing successful project outcomes for proponents, agencies, and the public.


EMPSi is a leader in environmental engineering and compliance, natural and cultural resources consulting, public engagement, GIS support and integration, and project management. We leverage these skills for successful outcomes on some of the most complex and controversial projects in the US.


EMPSi's clients range from federal agencies to industry and others seeking the highest quality impact analyses, science, public outreach, and permitting for a wide range of projects on public, private, and tribal lands. We are client focused and committed to meaningful, engaged communication to achieve project success.


EMPSi solves a wide range of complex problems with sound science, analysis, and creativity by hiring and empowering the best people in the field. We are committed to making the world a better place starting with our work environment, which Outside Magazine ranked #2 as a Best Place to Work.

We believe that our clients are best served when everyone understands the latest legislation and scientific data.
Being informed means knowing today's market and regulatory conditions—and what they could be tomorrow.  
EMPSi stays up to date in a world where rules and agency directives can change quickly.  

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