US Forest Service awards Ashley NF Forest Plan Revision EIS to EMPSi
November 2018—EMPSi will bring our NEPA expertise to the Ashley National Forest to assist them with the EIS phase of their Forest Plan Revision process. The Ashley National Forest began their Forest Plan revision in 2016 to address current ecological, economic, and social conditions and trends. The EIS will disclose potential impacts of the proposed Forest Plan and alternatives, while providing opportunities for public participation.

EMPSi awarded $50 million nationwide Environmental Services contract for the US Department of the Interior and USDA, Forest Service
October 2018—EMPSi’s award-winning services can now be accessed nationally by any agency within DOI or the USDA, Forest Service. This Blanket Purchase Agreement simplifies the acquisition process and covers a full range of services, including planning, NEPA compliance, natural resource management, data collection, monitoring, modeling, public outreach and collaboration, and training.

EMPSi expands natural resources services in New Mexico and Arizona through $20 million contract
October 2018—EMPSi was awarded an Environmental Analysis and Studies Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with the US Forest Service, Region 3. The BPA contract enables EMPSi to assist the Forest Service in meeting their natural resource, forest planning, and NEPA compliance needs for all forests in their Southwest Region.

EMPSi to continue its great work with Reclamation
October 2018—The US Bureau of Reclamation, Upper Colorado Region manages complex water issues across 8 western states to balance diverse needs including industrial, agricultural, hydropower, environmental, and recreation. EMPSi is pleased to extend our long history working with the Region under a new $30 million, 5-year contract for a range of services, including resource surveys, public engagement, and compliance.

One less barrier to listed fish recovery in the Truckee River
September 2018—EMPSi was awarded a contract from the Bureau of Reclamation to develop environmental compliance documentation for the Derby Dam Fish Screen Project near Reno, Nevada. This effort will help federally protected species recovery with a new facility thats allows migrating Lahontan cutthroat trout and cui-ui to safely bypass a dam on their way to Pyramid Lake from spawning habitat in the Truckee River.

Teaming to improve Utah’s National Forests
September 2018—EMPSi is excited to continue our work with the Manti-La Sal National Forest by teaming to prepare a Forest Plan Revision and EIS. The Forest Plan Revision will outline management goals and objectives for the various resources on the forest, and seek to improve forest and resource conditions for the future.

Another win for EMPSi and Wild and Scenic River Studies
August 2018—Building off of its work developing a regional approach to Wild and Scenic River eligibility studies, EMPSi has been awarded a contract from the US Forest Service’s Intermountain Region to develop and implement a regional approach for WSR suitability studies as well. By using this approach, the Forest Service ensures consistency across forests in the region while providing defensible decisions. 

Managing invasive plants streamlines future efforts
August 2018—EMPSi assisted the NPS Redwood National Park and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in preparing an Invasive Plant Management Plan and Environmental Assessment. This provides comprehensive approaches to streamline invasive plant management planning for other National Parks, while protecting each park’s natural and cultural resources from the impacts of nonnative, invasive plants. 

NPS to balance grazing with other uses in Utah
July 2018—Capitol Reef National Park has released a livestock grazing management plan and EA for public review. EMPSi assisted the NPS in preparing the plan and EA, which provide guidance and tools for long-term management of grazing activities within the park's mandates. Ranching is recognized as a traditional use in Capitol Reef, and the proposed management seeks to minimize or mitigate any impacts from grazing.

BLM looking for public input on management plan in Arizona
July 2018—The BLM, with assistance from EMPSi, has released the draft resource management plan and DEIS for San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area in Arizona, which will provide management guidance for the 58,250-acre NCA. The public is encouraged to provide feedback and comments on this proposed management within the 90-day comment period from June 29 to September 27, 2018. 

EMPSi opens a new office in Durango!
June 2018—EMPSi has opened a new office in Durango, Colorado. This strategic move allows EMPSi to continue improving service for our clients in the western US. The depth of experience of the Durango staff further ensures that EMPSi can provide our clients with sound and scientific management and deliverables in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Finding of No Significant Impact for the Isabella Pearl mining project
May 2018—Within 7 months from notice to proceed, EMPSi completed an EA and helped prepare a FONSI for the Isabella Pearl mining project. Our streamlined approach included evaluating an open-pit mine, waste rock dump, and a heap leach facility, with the environmental review including required coordination with the USFWS and Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Forest Service awards EMPSi a $10-million BPA contract
Mar. 2018—The US Forest Service awarded EMPSi a 5-year, $10-million Blanket Purchase Agreement for NEPA support services in Region 8, which includes 13 southeastern states from Virginia to Florida and west to Texas, as well as Puerto Rico.  EMPSi will perform environmental analyses, resources studies, and Forest planning under the contract. 

Platte River restoration benefits whooping cranes and other sensitive species
Mar. 2018—The Bureau of Reclamation has partnered with EMPSi to prepare an EA for their proposed extension of the Platte River Recovery providing water storage and recovery projects, land acquisition/management, and monitoring/research to improve habitat for whooping cranes, interior least terns, piping plovers, and pallid sturgeon. 

Streamlining fishing and NEPA in Wyoming
Feb. 2018—To provide additional public access and economic activity in northwest Wyoming, the Bridger-Teton National Forest authorized 5 special use permits for guided fishing on 4 rivers in the Blackrock Ranger District. EMPSi worked with the Forest using a focused EA and supporting documents to complete the project in only 3.5 months. 

Our geothermal work is heating up
Feb. 2018—As one of the most reliable renewable energy sources, the geothermal power industry continues to grow and innovate. EMPSi is working with the Department of Energy and Sandia National Laboratories to permit the FORGE project for testing new geothermal technologies near Fallon, Nevada. 

EMPSi helps reduce wildfires and improve rangelands
Jan. 2018—The BLM is trying to reduce the threat of wildfires and support rangeland productivity in the Great Basin, and EMPSi is helping with hosting 14 scoping meetings in six western states (CA, ID, NV, OR, UT and WA) to obtain public input on fuel breaks, hazardous fuels reduction, and rangeland restoration for use in future planning.

Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System Final EIS published
Dec. 2017—A clean and reliable water supply for Pueblos and residents in the Pojoaque Basin of northern New Mexico took another step forward with the publication of a Final EIS, which was prepared by the US Bureau of Reclamation in partnership with EMPSi, and evaluates the impacts from a proposed regional water system. 

EMPSi wins sustainability award
Nov. 2017—GREENevada has a mission to foster sustainability through environmental education and leadership, and awarded EMPSi a 2017 Golden Pinecone Sustainability Award that recognized our outstanding achievements toward improving and sustaining the environment with contributions to sustainability planning and company culture. 

EMPSi to analyze oil and gas leasing on Texas public lands
Oct. 2017—The USFS chose EMPSi to help prepare an EIS and technical studies analyzing the impacts of future oil and gas leases on National Forests and Grasslands in Texas, while working concurrently with Forest Plan revisions to create a framework for site-specific decisions.

Gila River project is a win for EMPSi
Aug. 2017—The Bureau of Reclamation and NM Interstate Stream Commission selected EMPSi to prepare an EIS and supporting studies assessing potential effects from development of the NM Unit of the Central Arizona Project for capture, storage, and use of water within the Gila River.

Theresa Ancell has joined EMPSi
Sept. 2017—With 13 years of experience in water resource management, natural resource planning, and NEPA and Endangered Species Act compliance, Theresa will support our nation-wide water and energy practices.

EMPSi to work on streamlining for the DOI
Aug. 2017—EMPSi is facilitating workshops and obtaining public input to help the BLM and DOI streamline NEPA and implementation of Executive Order 13807, pursuant to a recent order from Secretary Zinke and the DOI.

BLM awards EMPSi a 5-year BPA for environmental services
July 2017—BLM awarded EMPSi a five-year BPA contract to provide air quality assessment, modeling, monitoring and NEPA services nationwide. The maximum value of the contract is $5 million over the five-year period of performance.

EMPSi receives DOI 5-year on-call contract for environmental services
July 2017—The DOI awarded EMPSi a five-year, $10 million contract to provide environmental services to all their bureaus nationwide. EMPSi previously won a similar on-call contract and completed environmental analyses for various agencies including Reclamation and FWS.

We are working to control invasive species
June 2017—As part of DOI initiatives to protect western ecosystems, EMPSi is helping facilitate workshops this winter with federal, state and tribal agencies to further develop and refine coordinated efforts to contain and control invasive mussels in western waterways.

EMPSi to help revise Forest Plans across the western US
June 2017—EMPSi was selected by the US Forest Service to assist with preparation of the EIS analyses for Forest Plan revisions in California and New Mexico for the Sequoia, Sierra, Lincoln, and Cibola National Forests.

EMPSi to assist Forest Service with NEPA training
May 2017—The US Forest Service has selected EMPSi to develop NEPA training materials for project level NEPA classes nationwide.

Presenting our research at the 2017 EUEC
Feb. 2017—EMPSi presented recent research at the 2017 Energy, Utility, and Environment Conference, including papers on Permitting on Federal Lands—Changes under the new Administration and Siting, Permitting, and Operating Facilities in Sage Grouse Habitat